Big Sky Minerals Horses
Horse feed formulated from nature.

Promotes healthy skin, hair, coat

Promotes healthy skin, hair, coat

A balanced mixture of micro and macro minerals

A balanced mixture of micro and macro minerals

Promotes fewer allergies

Promotes fewer allergies

mare and foal

Natural, balanced, effective

Andy formulated a feed that would add those once naturally occurring minerals back into the horse's diet, and the results have been overwhelming. Horses once being fed a cheap food, who were underdeveloped and riddled with health problems, began to see dramatic results when Big Sky Minerals were added to their diet.

What can you expect from Big Sky?

Healthy skin, hair, coat

Stronger bones, cartilage, tendons, etc.

Stronger immune system

Better parasite control

Better hoof condition

Improved muscle tone, weight

Stronger, healthier foals

Improved fertility

More alertness

Better attitude

Better feed conversion

Fewer allergies

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By the way we had fecals done on Annie and Andy.... NO FREAKING WORMS. GO BIG SKY!!!"

Using Big Sky has made the biggest change, I've been trying for years to get my breeding program right. I've tried many different product and now I've got it right with Big Sky. B.M." - Never Done Farm

Thank You so much! My horses look amazing. No one can believe how much grain I give my percheron (2 cups twice daily). They all have great attitudes and are calm." - P.H.

My mare's chromium and selenium deficiencies are gone and my gelding's magnesium deficiency has dramatically improved! THANK YOU SO MUCH!"