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"Panda is getting a very slick/shiny coat..I've been out on the trail (in the bugs) and he's a very happy and pleasant fellow, still more engaging than before. He literally can't get enough of the Big Sky. I give 1 cup of Big Sky to all 3 horses in their dishes in the morning and evening after their feedings. They now come and wait for it."
"By the way we had fecals done on Annie and Andy.... NO FREAKING WORMS. GO BIG SKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Using Big Sky has made the biggest change, I've been trying for years to get my breeding program right. I've tried many different product and now I've got it right with Big Sky. B.M."
- Never Done Farm
"My mare's chromium and selenium deficiencies are gone and my gelding's magnesium deficiency has dramatically improved! THANK YOU SO MUCH!"
"My Rocky Mountain mare, Annie has been on Big Sky for almost 2 years. She gets it in her feed every day without fail. We had a fecal done this spring and her count was 0!!! Zero!!!. The vet was amazed. I haven't warmed her since she started Big Sky. Thank You for an amazing product!!"
- K.S. and Annie
"Wish you could see my ponies, each one is a picture of health. Thank You."
- C
"Thank You so much for the minerals. My sick horse went from weak (at best) to winning his first start in 2 years. I can't believe how his attitude has changed. Your minerals will be a staple in my stable forever. Again, Thank You!"
- K.J.P.
"Thank You so much! My horses look amazing. No one can believe how much grain I give my percheron (2 cups twice daily). They all have great attitudes and are calm."
- P.H.
"January 2008 I started feeding Big Sky Mineral . I top dressed 2oz daily to all my horses except for my mares that are in foal or mares I wanted bred in the spring I top dressed 4oz daily until they were vet checked in foal. I've had horses 30 plus years and raised colts for 20 plus years and I've never used anything that worked as well as the Big Sky Mineral. It makes a healthy horse. For reproduction it made a big difference in stronger healthier and more aggressive colts. So far the best results I've had on reproduction from feeding Big Sky Mineral was when I bought a standard bred mare out of the kill pen. Just a young mare, she never had a colt. After I bought her I found out she was from a big standardbred farm and they had tried everything to get that mare in foal so finally in August they gave up and put her in the kill pen. I had the vet check her out and he said she has all he parts . So I put her on 2oz daily of the Big Sky until January and then I put her on 4oz daily until April 13th and we bred her and 19 days later the vet checked her and she was in foal. A year later she had a nice big filly foal, she cleaned right away and everything was fine. I never infused her or gave her anything other than Big Sky! She was rebred at her foal heat again and was just vet checked in foal!"
- Mervin J. Miller