Hiland's Big Sky Mineral

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Hiland's Big Sky Horse Mineral supplies the animal with over 70 minerals in chelate form to detoxify and will aid in parasite control. These three issues all have to be addressed if we want healthy horses. You get all this in one package. What ever your horse needs Big Sky gives you the foundation to build upon.
Big Sky is a balanced amount of of macro and micro minerals to compliment each other and help the horse balance his system. Since Big Sky is a product in its natural form, a horse will free choice it to supply his mineral needs as it is intended. Big Sky gives the horse a bigger variety of minerals than we have found in any other product.Balance by nature and in harmony with nature.
It is important what you feed a horse. It is also important how many of these nutrients the horse retains for himself . Most important, are these nutrients surrounded by the correct micro-nutrients so they can enter the blood stream in the correct balance so the horse can get the most benefit?
With the horse being somewhat of a desert animal, he prefers the mineral rich dry grasses growing around the mineral deposits in the western states. If the horse has a health issue he would even eat the mineral rich soil to correct his problem. This is what we are bringing to you for your horse. In all our years of horse nutrition I have still not found a better balanced, more complete mineral supplement system than what nature has given us.
The demand for micro-nutrients in any given horse is constantly changing. Force feeding micro-nutrients often overloads the liver and kidneys, which need to be at full capacity during high physical output. The serious horse owner should not guess at the requirements of the horse but should free choice.

What can you expect from feeding Big Sky?
Healthy skin, hair coat * Stronger bones, cartilage, tendons, etc * Stronger immune system * Better parasite control * Better hoof condition * Improved muscle tone, weight * Stronger, healthier foals * Improved fertility * More alertness * Better attitude * Better feed conversion * Less allergies, etc.

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    Big Sky Mineral

    Posted by Johnna Wheeler on 18th Mar 2019

    As a Veterinary Nutrition Consultant, I've searched years for the best mineral product and tested many. Chelated minerals are superior, however I do wish this product did not contain the filler "wheat middlings". Performance horses with gut issues don't benefit from filler ingredients. So far, my horse has devoured these minerals, whereas he has no interest in the several types of mineral blocks he's been offered. Last summer he ate dirt. I look forward to seeing improvement.

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    Posted by Beverly S on 25th Feb 2019

    Love this stuff!

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    Hilands Big Sky minerals

    Posted by Michelle on 11th Feb 2019

    Amazing results with these minerals!!
    My horses are healthy and happy when taking these!!!

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    Big Sky Minerals

    Posted by Patti on 7th Feb 2019

    Our Friesians love these minerals!

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    Big sky minerals

    Posted by Marty on 20th Dec 2018

    Love this product! Horses have been on it for almost 5 years. Clean fecals. Great feet & shiney coats.
    Only thing is shipping is very slow from time of ordercto reveiving. So make sure to order a couple of weeks before you tun out. Shipping costs are very high as well.

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    Big Sky Minerals

    Posted by Liz Carbine on 19th Dec 2018

    I have gone through two bags of this now with 10 horses. 3 quarter horses and 7 miniature horses. I feel like I have seen enough positive changes to leave a review. First and foremost, it is pricey and they go through it fast, that is the one draw back. At first I figured they had added something to make them eat and eat it and it truly wasn't because they "needed" it but because they "wanted" it. But now at the end of my second bag I am starting to see them leave it and not gobble it down so fast so they must be self regulating. Here is what I have noticed. One mare who is young, not over weight and has no real symptoms of cushings etc, she is barely 4, has had some mild founder for the past year. I tried most everything but she didn't really have good progress or soundness until after I started this supplement, took about 6 weeks to really see improvement this was with a prior 8 MONTHS of constant low grade laminitis. Second, one of my minis has had sticky stifles since he was a year old. It would come and go. Always did worse if his hind hooves were not super short and squared and if he didn't get loose mineral salt. Was always way worse in the winter. I read somewhere sticky stifles could be from a deficiency. Well, he is sooo sound on this mineral even in the dead winter with longer gaps between trims. It is not in my mind it is a very, very noticeable change. Third, one of my mini mares and her coming 2 year old filly have always been VERY shy and jumpy and spooky. Once I can halter them they are pretty good but they were just always, always on edge. Since being on this mineral it is like night and day! The mare is SOOOO much calmer and the filly! Went from petrified of me to my constant shadow for attention and very curious. I did nothing different but the minerals. Fourth, another quarter horse mare has always had disgusting loose stool no matter what I have tried, they have really firmed up on this. Still a tad loose but a HUGE improvement. Who knows what else is going on that hasn't come to fruition yet. :) All of this happened about the same time for all of these horses on their second bag of Big Sky. I will continue to purchase.

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    Big Sky Minerals

    Posted by Chris DeSutter on 16th Oct 2018

    My 24 year old gelding had chronic diarrhea for 6 years. I tried almost every product out there and had him looked at by several vets, none of whom could find the problem. After 24 hours on Big Sky Mineral the diarrhea was gone! I'm happy to say that six weeks later he's still diarrhea free and his bug allergies have been reduced a lot! My black mare had turned brown and had a lot of separation in her feet. She is now black, black, black and her feet are looking so much better. Won't be without these minerals again! Thanks for a great product and apparently a simple fix to a lot of issues!

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    Hilands Big Sky Minerals

    Posted by Toni Zanini on 15th Oct 2018

    Product works, plain and simple! Best thing I've ever used for my horses. Does exactly what it claims to do, and then some. Will use forever, have been for last several years!

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    Great product

    Posted by Beretta69 on 9th Oct 2018

    These minerals are great source for horses. We have not had half the trouble with their feet and their coat is so shiny and pretty!! I really recommend this product!