Hiland's Ultra Plus - 1 Quart

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Hiland's Ultra Plus is a powerful electrolyte, amino acid, and enzyme product combined with concentrated kelp. Can be fed up to 4oz a day for compromised horses. Hiland's Ultra Plus works well with our Big Sky Mineral. It has been used to treat sick horses. Test results on Ultra Plus have been outstanding. Hiland's Ultra Plus can be used on all types of animals.

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    12 yr. TWH mare , rescued 10 mths ago .

    Posted by David English on 19th Jan 2023

    She scratched and chewed on herself 24/7 . Half her mane and top of her tail is rubbed all most off . I could hear her chewing on herself at night from 50 yards away . Gave her the Big Sky for 5 months then tried the Ultra Plus Christmas Eve chewing and scratching was gone in 4 days . She doesn't even rub on the fence any more . It is hard to believe the change in this horse . I AM SOLD ON HILAND'S !

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    German Sheperd 2 yrs old

    Posted by David English on 6th Jan 2023

    I forgot to mention in my first review that my GSD is chewing on herself also with a lot of head shaking and the Ultra plus slowed it down by about 50% .

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    11 year old TWH rescue

    Posted by David English on 6th Jan 2023

    She was chewing on herself 24/7 I could hear her at night from my front porch . Ultra Plus stopped it in 4 days ! Got her last February I hope Hiland has something to help her breathing when it gets hot this summer .

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    Ultra plus

    Posted by Joe Lopez on 5th Feb 2022

    This product was recommended to clear up an itchy horse with allergies to weed in pasture. Cleared him up in about 3 weeks in combination with another product. Amazing.

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    Ultra Plus

    Posted by Jodi Sullivan on 22nd Apr 2021

    Super happy with all the products. The animals seem to be happy, energetic & overall appearance is beautiful.

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    Excellent results

    Posted by Kendal Nickerson on 14th Oct 2020

    Horse was showing symptoms of anhidrosis (living in SW Florida), after two days on the ultra plus, he was sweating again! Incredible product, highly recommend.